Online Startup Incubator

Develop a startup within 12 months to bring it into better shape, attract the attention of investors for round B. We finance the equivalent of up to $ 250,000 (ETH at the current exchange rate) in each of our startups.

We invite start-up founders to apply for the next project review.

Online lending 7V

In January 2021, we were joined by an online service that provides international financing to potential clients:

  • Companies offering their employees advanced training and MBA training
  • Companies to pay for additional outstaffing teams for projects
  • Insurance companies to finance extended health insurance policies for clients. Blockchain technologies are used.

AI writes code 7V

In December 2020, an agreement was reached on connecting an innovative project to the incubator - on the automatic writing of code, the choice of optimal solutions to the tasks set by artificial intelligence.

Оutstaffing 7V

In December 2020, we were joined by a project offering outstaffing services. Services for the provision of international remote teams of up to 20 people, from junior manager to commercial director for projects. New: The ability to receive team funding for up to 1 year.

Online-service Psychologist 7V

In February 2021, negotiations were completed and the online service Personal Assistant Psychotherapist was included in the incubator. A modern approach to providing psychological assistance, independent study of stressful situations for company employees. Sessions included in insurance policies. Leading international experts are connected, daily monitoring, analysis of the condition of clients.

Profitable Real Estate 7V

In February 2020, a project with an international rental business and commercial real estate was admitted to the incubator. As part of the project, a legal entity was acquired and US $ 300,000 invested in a retail facility. Long-term lease agreements have been concluded with retail chains, and a business service team has been formed. Results: The profitability for the first year of operation was 30% per annum.

Online-service of the Tender 7V

In November 2020, we agreed to launch the international online service Tender on the basis of the incubator. The service presents tenders with a budget of $ 10 million. Specialization:

1) Attracting, creating a single team of consultants, designers, general contractors, suppliers of materials for the construction of production areas, logistics - distribution centers, a network of local retail facilities.

2) Attracting, creating and complementing an international team of specialists to scale online products in the international market.


In March 2021, the Publisher project was accepted into the incubator - an online service investing for a share in the project. Interests in international online projects. Designed for digital agencies, media publishers, founders of mobile services, games.


Connection of the first startup: rental business in commercial real estate.

Investment equivalent to USD 300,000; Attracting a team with a startup: outstaffing teams, with the possibility of payment in installments;

A team with a startup joined: on automatic coding A startup with a team entered our incubator: service for international tenders


Return on investment in a startup: The rental business brought a return of 30% per annum for the year

Startup with an international funding team is connected

Team joins with an international start-up to provide online help for people with depression

We are glad to include a team with a project in our incubator: a publisher that finances projects for participation in the company's share


The profitability of the company is not less than 30% of the invested investments


The profitability of the company is not less than 30% of the invested investments


The profitability of the company is not less than 30% of the invested investments


How can we get funding for our startup?

Apply online for your next funding cycle.

How much are you investing?

We attract investments of up to $ 250,000 in each project, depending on the tasks and needs.

Do we need to write a business plan?

It is enough to receive from you a detailed online application form using our form, as well as a remote interview.

How to join your team?

Today we invite companies located in the USA, UK, Singapore, Switzerland for partnership to search for promising start-up projects

Will you be funding multiple startups working on the same idea?

In practice, this has not proven to be a problem because in most large markets there is room for several slightly different solutions, and it is unlikely that two startups will do the same thing.

I’m starting a startup. Can I meet with you?

Unfortunately we can’t meet in person with every startup that wants us to invest. There are just too many. Essentially the application process is the way we decide which of them to meet in person.


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